Whether you’re an avid traveler or simply want to ensure you have the right accessories when packing for an overnight stay, a quality duffel bag is an essential item in your luggage. Picking the right one, however, can be daunting due to the variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials available on the market. This guide will help you make an informed decision in order to choose the most suitable duffel bag for your travel needs.

Size: The size you choose should depend on how much you plan to carry. If you’re a light packer, a small to medium sized duffel bag should be enough but if you’re taking more items with you, opt for a bigger size. A large duffel bag can also be useful if you’d like to take your gym gear or sports equipment with you.

Fabric: The type of fabric used to make the duffel bag should be of a high quality so it can withstand all sorts of wear and tear, keeping your belongings safe and secure. Look for a material that is waterproof and highly durable. Nylon is a popular choice among travelers, while leather is also known for being a strong and stylish option.

Features: Look for duffel bags that include helpful pockets and adjustable straps so you can store your items conveniently and access them quickly. If you’d like to keep certain items separate from the rest and organized, look out for interior zippered compartments. Another useful feature are built-in straps to attach it to your suitcase or external pockets to store your passport, ticket, or boarding pass.

Style: From bright colors and classic designs to stylish prints, you’ll be able to find a huge variety of options to match your style. Just make sure the materials used are of good quality and likely to last you for a while.

Choosing the right duffel bag is a matter of personal preference. Consider your needs, the features you’re looking for, and the type of trips you take and you’ll be able to pick the perfect duffel bag for your travels.