There are so many duffel bag choices on the market, it's hard to decide which one is right for your needs. But if you're looking for an every day carry (EDC) bag that can handle anything you throw at it, then a duffel bag is a great option.

Here are some things to look for in a duffel bag for EDC:

  • A sturdy, durable construction. You want a bag that's built to last, so it can handle being thrown around on a daily basis.

  • Plenty of space. A duffel bag is a great option for those who need to carry a lot of stuff with them on a daily basis. Make sure to choose a bag with plenty of compartments and pockets to help keep you organized.

  • A comfortable strap. You'll be carrying your duffel bag a lot, so make sure to choose one with a comfortable strap that won't dig into your shoulder.

  • A water-resistant material. Whether you're caught in a rainstorm or spilling your coffee, a water-resistant duffel bag will keep your belongings safe and dry.

With so many great duffel bag options on the market, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your EDC needs.