Calpak is a forward-thinking luggage brand that is changing the game in travel by way of their innovative designs and commitment to modernity. Whether for a weekend getaway or an overseas vacation, Calpak offers a suite of unique products that will make any trip hassle-free and stylish.

At the core of Calpak is their signature luggage line, known for its signature aluminum frame and folding body. These engineered pieces are light and airtight, making them the ideal alternative to bulky hard-shell models, and they come with an array of convenient features like expanding compartments, padded wheels, and USB charging ports. Calpak also offers carry-on bags and backpacks, as well as a selection of stylish accessories such as backpacks, toiletry bags and passport holders.

In addition to offering fashionable functionality, Calpak also provides thoughtful customer service. Their Buy & Try policy allows customers to return their purchases for free if they are not satisfied, and their 24-hour customer support provides both pre- and post-sale assistance. Furthermore, Calpak offers a variety of affordable financing options, including monthly payments that can be made through PayPal Credit or Amazon.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Calpak also continues to develop fresh and exciting new products. Recently, the company unveiled the Calpak + Instagram Collection, a selection of vibrant and unique backpacks, suitcases, and bags designed with the help of ten influential Instagrammers. Each party brings their individual sensibilities and style to create a series of unique but cohesive designs.

Ultimately, Calpak offers a complete package, from premium products to unparalleled customer service. They are truly shaking up the travel industry with their modern designs and commitment to making travel more comfortable.