The North Face Duffel Bag XS is the perfect storage solution for those who need a bit more space on the go but lack the room to tote around a bulky suitcase. This versatile and compact bag has a large, expandable main compartment that can fit anything from clothes and shoes to camping equipment and even laptops. It also comes with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and a padded grab handle for easy carrying.

The North Face Duffel Bag XS is made from durable, water-resistant nylon material, so it can handle rough handling and wet conditions. It also features two large external pockets, perfect for small items like wallets, keys, or cell phones, and a side zipper that allows you to pack even more. Inside, it has two large pockets and a large mesh pocket for wet items or easy storage. It has an integrated side account for easy organization, and a large grab handle for easy carrying.

The Duffel Bag XS offers lightweight performance and exceptional versatility. With plenty of room for all of your belongings, this bag is perfect for a day trip, trekking, or any other outdoor excursion. Its durable material and water-resistant material make for a bag that can take a beating yet still look great. With the added zippered and internal pockets, you can make sure that all of your items stay neat and organized.

No matter what your travel plans are, the North Face Duffel Bag XS is the perfect companion. It's lightweight, yet still durable and spacious. It's also water-resistant and adjustable, making it versatile for any occasion. Whether you're using it as a weekend bag or taking it on a hiking excursion, this North Face Duffel Bag XS will get you where you need to go.