Whether you're headed to the gym, the pool, or out on a camping trip, a water-resistant duffel bag is a must-have. Made from materials like nylon or polyester, these bags keep your gear dry and protected from the elements.

Water-resistant duffel bags are perfect for storing wet or dirty gear. If you're headed to the beach, for example, you can pack your swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen in a water-resistant duffel. Or, if you're going on a camping trip, you can use a water-resistant duffel to store your wet hiking clothes or dirty cooking gear.

Duffels made from water-resistant materials are also great for travel. If you're worried about your luggage getting wet on a rainy day or being stowed away in the belly of an airplane, a water-resistant duffel is a great option.

Whether you're an active outdoors person or a casual traveler, a water-resistant duffel bag is a great option to keep your gear dry and protected.