The travel industry is experiencing a major shift in the way it operates, and that shift is being driven by the rise of Baboon to the Moon. Baboon to the Moon, or BTM, is a startup that is focused on leveraging intelligence technology to make the process of booking flights and accommodation easier and faster.

BTM has come a long way in just a short time. In February 2019 they announced that they had raised $25 million, and since then have been steadily expanding their presence in the market. The most recent deal was with the online booking platform Skyscanner, which will allow BTM to integrate its AI-based technology into the platform and expand on its retail offering. This is the latest milestone for BTM in their mission to revolutionize travel.

So, what is it that makes BTM so special? For starters, BTM utilizes Machine Learning algorithms to generate services that no other travel booking platform can offer. This includes features like automated price predictions for flights and accommodation, contextual understanding of customer needs, automated responses to customer enquiries, product recommendations, and customized offers.

All of this translates to a much smoother and quicker travel booking experience for customers. By leveraging AI technology, BTM are able to save time and money for customers, eliminating the need to manually search through multiple sources to find the best deals. The company also recently announced partnerships with some major players in the travel industry, such as American Express and United Airlines, so customers can take advantage of even more benefits with BTM.

It’s clear that the travel industry is undergoing a major shift, and Baboon to the Moon is leading the way. As the company continues to move forward with its ambitious goals, it’s only a matter of time before AI-based technology transforms the travel industry into a more efficient and consumer friendly experience.