The rise of Gymshark, one of the world's hottest and fastest-growing activewear brands, is nothing short of remarkable. From humble beginnings selling fitness apparel out of a duffle bag at a car boot sale, to global domination and the creation of a dedicated ecommerce platform, the brand is now a multi-million pound empire.

The success story of Gymshark began back in 2012 when then-teenagers Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan, two lifelong friends, started selling emblazoned gym wear at their local car boot sales. The two friends wanted to provide an alternative to the usual fitness-related apparel on the market, and their efforts paid off. Soon, word spread and people started ordering from Gymshark’s Facebook page.

Since then, Gymshark has gone on to achieve huge success both on and offline, making the leap to having an ecommerce platform, plus stocking items in leading retail outlets such as JD Sports and Selfridges. The brand now holds roughly 7% market share when it comes to athleisurewear in the UK, making it one of the leading activewear labels in the country.

Gymshark has become so successful due to its dedication to quality products, excellent customer service, and clever use of influencer marketing. By hiring fitness influencers to promote the brand on social media, they quickly gained a devoted fanbase, who would go on to become loyal customers.

The brand has also forged an incredibly strong connection with its customers through their unique community, further cementing their place as market leader. And with the brand’s recent launch of their first ever dedicated fitness app, called Gymshark Sync, it’s clear to see that their passion for helping their customers to get the most out of their workouts and reach their goals is unwavering.

It’s inspiring to see how far the brand has come since first selling t-shirts out of a duffle bag at car boot sales. With ambitious plans for the future, we’re confident that Gymshark will continue to dominate the world of activewear.