UNDER ARMOUR Adult Team Duffle

The UNDER ARMOUR Adult Team Duffle is a large team duffle bag made from one hundred percent ballistic nylon. This piece was built for maximum durability to carry gear. Built-in is a brilliant shoe holder, which separates itself from the rest of the duffle bag’s content. Its heavy duty metal zippers provide adequate closure to each compartment, and it will last because of its durability.The duffle bag is suitable for separating wet from dry with its wet/dry tunnel pocket addition.

The handles are made from neoprene and are of a heavy duty nature; thus, they are designed to carry the weight of the handler’s belongings. It has a patented roll out mat for the convenience of travellers which is neatly concealed at the bottom of the duffle bag, not taking up any additional space. This is handy as a convenient seating piece which goes wherever your Under Armour Duffle bag goes. Its oversized pockets gives comfortable space for all gears and the breathable fabric allows for proper storage of gym wear. On the underside, spikes are placed to protect the duffle bag when placed on surfaces; whether it is wet or dry, dirty or clean.

UNDER ARMOUR Adult Team Duffle Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 12 and 24.5 x 11.5 x 12 in
  • Product Color: Black
  • Rubber Locking
  • Hand wash and line dry
  • 100percent Nylon
  • Wet or Dry Tunnel pouch
  • Neoprene handles (heavy duty)
  • Molded metal zippers
  • Roll out mat
  • Made in China


UNDER ARMOUR Adult Team Duffle Reviews

The UNDER ARMOUR Adult Team Duffle reviewers unanimously commended the duffle’s good construction, with its secure handles being well stitched together. Continuation of its strength and durability was also mentioned, with its sturdy build and strong zippers. One reviewer described the Under Armour piece as “Sturdy, stylish and functional,” all the features that were required to fulfil his needs. Some reviewers considered the duffle bag to be just the right size to fit all the necessary items for school, work, or gym. There were some reviewers that stated the duffle bag served well as a travel piece, and its multi-purpose appeal was commended in some reviews. In addition, others stated it is small enough to fit inside a locker; whether for gym or school. Also, it can fit behind a car seat for convenient traveling. The roll out mat was a pleasant surprise for some reviewers, as they were not aware it was included in the bag; not to mention how it is neatly placed.

Negative reviews were also put forward for the Under Armour Adult Team Duffle. The first spoke to a need for additional smaller pockets to be added for valuables such as keys, hair ornaments, cards, headphones, money, and other such paraphernalia. There is a mesh pocket feature that some reviewers consider unnecessary, and some say it should have been a fully enclosed compartment to maintain privacy of its contents. A bigger bag was anticipated by some customers to adequately carry their gear. The roll out mat for some reviewers was an unnecessary addition based on their particular usage of the duffle bag.